Celebrand Services

We work with leading brands and celebrities to help connect.

Services for Celebrities include
Celebrity Branding guideline design - Marketing audit includes checking of all the social media handles and apply for verification as per the platform guidelines (blue tick) or any other authentication method.
Social Responsibility planning - Choose to spend your time by doing good and noteworthy work related to a social cause. Whether its rescuing an animal in association with Animal welfare NGOs like PETA or helping underprivileged students, families, women to help achieve their goals. We help you get to choose the best NGO and work with them for mutual benefits.
Dedicated Account Manager - We offer a dedicated account manager who would also lead a team of research associates to create original posts that resonates with the fan base and brand persona of celebrity. 
Digital Marketing & Social Media - We help in get more post engagement, followers and manage troll control. Celebrities are often trolled on twitter, Instagram and Facebook for their selection of movies, brands or the way they dress or any public comment.

Positive Media Coverage
Relevant Brand Connect - Co-ordinating with the advertising agencies and doing the research for connecting with the best brand endorsements.

Sonu Sood had become an instant favourite among all during pandemic when he helped the migrant workers go back to their hometown during Pandemic Lockdowns. The result - he started getting more brand endorsements and is also seen as a future political leader. 

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